Friday, February 15, 2013

365 Days of Happy - Day 46

So yesterday was Valentine's Day! I'm usually indifferent about Valentine's Day, except for this year.

As most of you know, I'm pretty addicted to social media. I mean, my JOB is to monitor a Twitter account. I check social media all ze time. Yesterday morning, however, I got a rude awakening. Literally every tweet, post, Instagram picture or article I read was about Valentine's Day. Which is fine, whatever. Except I didn't want to retweet any tweets or look at anybody's Instagrammed flower pictures. I personally don't care how you feel about Valentine's Day and reading tweets about how you love your boyfriend and how he's sweet to you makes me want to unfollow you. And that's a big deal. Am I alone, here?!

Anyway, besides being grumpy while checking social media yesterday, I got some pretty sweet, unexpected gifts.

My coworker Heather made me this SWEET mug. On the handle it says, 'Simba's Mommy.' I love it SO much.

She also got me this sucker. With huge red lips on the end, like a pacifier. Her and I have this running joke about her lips (she's got Angelina Jolie lips!) and one time I asked her if they were real...haha. Yes her lips are real, and I am jealous of them, as weird as that sounds! Great job picking out this awesome gift, Heather. Now I've got lips like you!

My friend Ryan bought me these beautiful bracelets yesterday too.

I also received a beautiful white carnation from the handsome men of Lambda Theta Phi Latino Fraternity! They were handing them out to all the women in the UC.

Overall, it was a pretty solid day. And, yes - I did have a valentine. Simba.

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