Wednesday, February 27, 2013

365 Days of Happy - Day 58

Tonight, I got invited to attend Expressions of Love with my friend Ryan. It was put on by Delta Sigma Theta sorority (ΔΣΘ) and Omega Psi Phi fraternity (ΩΨΦ). Ryan and I arrived at 6, thinking we would be late, but we were the first ones there, until 6:30! 

Tangent - Being fashionably late is common for Delta Zeta women. In fact, we go by 'DZ time' which is at least 15 minutes after we agree on a time to meet. Being late is in my blood. I'm always the last one ready, the procrastinator, the last one out the door. It's not something I'm proud of, but it does make me happy that I have around 100 sisters who are the same way. However, I do get flustered when I'm late or even on time to an event, such as Expressions of Love. 

Ryan and I ended up sitting (by ourselves... merrr) until around 7 when other people sat at our table. We even made some friends!

Anyway, on to the real news. Why is this a Day of Happy? Because it was an amazing and inspiring event! Expressions of Love was an event with dinner and live entertainment, which I'll get to later.
We had a home-cooked dinner (which was SO delicious!), sparkling cider, and this incredible banana creme pie. 

During dinner, this well-dressed guy stood up and sang this song, This Time by John Legend. Listen to it while you read the rest of the post.

Check out these babes!

One of my favorite parts about the event was the entertainment, especially when a few people performed spoken word. The only spoken word I've ever been introduced to is Anis Mojgani, which is more poetry than spoken word, I think. Another one of my favorites is Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus

The spoken word tonight was so real, and the speakers were so humble, but at the same time so confident. I wish I had their confidence. I wish more people would perform spoken word, because I think it's so magical and it makes my heart melt and my mind spin. I caught one line from someone's performance. It isn't much, and it might not mean anything to you, but I love it. It goes, 'Glitz ain't glamour... but her love hit me like a hammer..'

Everyone at the event was dressed to the nines! I loved it! Check out this sweet Trinity knot. Classy, right?!

After the event, Ryan and I got Shamrock Shakes! I haven't had one of these in years. Even Simba likes them!

As if my night wasn't perfect already, when I got home I found this beautiful wedding invitation! My sorority twin, Lauren, is getting married, and I couldn't be happier! I've never gotten a wedding invitation so this is a BFD. Come to think of it, the only weddings I've ever attended would be my older sister Cary's wedding in 2006, where Beth and I were junior bridesmaids, and then when I took photos of weddings with Andrejka this summer.

Yesterday night was the epitome of Happiness.

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