Saturday, April 20, 2013

365 Days of Happy - Day 110

I wrote this four months before I heard Anis Mojgani's Shake the Dust, but this sounds like it. Eerie.

Sunday, March 28, 2011

I don't want to write for the newspaper anymore. By newspaper I mean the Royal Purple. It is getting so old. I think I might like writing feature stories. I notice things. What color her earrings are. What brand his shoes are. Mannerisms. I like the odd, the strange and the unique. Give me a weird man with a goatee, Mohawk  tattoos up one arm and a skateboard tucked under the other over an all-American boy with American Eagle jeans and straight teeth any day. Give me that odd, different boy and sit by the river listening to some indie band no one's ever heard of and talk about Jesus. Away the with spring break talk. Behold the philosophy, the art of life, and what is love talk. Lets eat blue moon ice cream all day and go to a Burberry fashion show walk on a tightrope wearing a tight robe around the both of us. Sit on a turtle's back and float down the Mediterranean. Let the sun stain our threads and our dreads. Tip toe on expensive china, and at the end of the day after the Burberry fashion director kicked us out, after our hair is bleached and the china is broken, we'll say it was worth it. Put away the cell phones, the manifesto, the Facebook, those dirty looks, put away those damn rhymes and take out a dictionary because I don't even know what the word manifesto means. Bring out the masterpieces. Heck, bring out people, because aren't people the best masterpiece of all? Put away those dumb football and golf video games, children. Is not the point of outside and a football field to go play on it? Put away the tanning beds, because don't you know that milky, freckly skin is the most beautiful of all? Put away the monsters, the gremlins and beasts. Children do not deserve nightmares filled with you. Give me the chocolate milks, the exclamation marks, the Frisbee or kite or shoe you thought you had lost. Give me talking animals, singing stars and laughing sock puppets. Give me juicy red tomatoes, crisp green cucumbers and sweet, smooth chocolate cake. What kind of world do you see? Take away everything evil, like the word slut, slipping on banana peels, criticism that is not constructive, evil eyes, derogatory rap songs, stubbed toes, bitten tongues and paper cuts. Take away the swear words because they are polluting the atmosphere. It's not the power plants dirtying up the air. It's how we talk to one another. Give those people patience, wonder, understanding. Fill people up with passion, like you are filling a bucket with water from the spout. Fill them all the way to the top so there's no room for sin, for worry, for anger or for sadness.

Also, on a lighter note, I went paint balling today with my Delta Zeta sisters! It was super scary and I almost cried a few times, but other than that I had a blast. I got to let out some of my anger through shooting paint balls at my sisters.

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