Monday, April 15, 2013

Song of the Day - Music Video Monday

I'm sure everyone has seen Taylor Swift's music video for her newest single '22.' I'm a fan of Miss Swift and I don't like all the hate directed towards her. Sure, this video is hipster city and she's a totally awkward dancer, but she can pull off a red lip like nobody's business. This may or may not be the theme song of my year (get it, 'cause I'm 22? ha ha). Plus I like to dress up like cats in sparkly dresses, too!

I bet you haven't seen Lily Allen's music video, also titled '22.' This one carries a very different voice and message. It's basically of Miss Allen staring in front of a bathroom mirror during a crazy party, thinking of all the bad decisions she's made, all while other drunk girls judge her. This one might be the theme song of my year as well!

Taylor Swift - 22

Lily Allen - 22

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