Thursday, May 30, 2013

365 Days of Happy - Day 150

In June of 2010, a photographer spotted Keanu Reeves sitting on a park bench eating a sandwich. In one shot, Keanu looks devastated and dejected for no apparent reason, but the picture went viral, and Sad Keanu was born.

I wanted to copypasta the whole story of 'Me and Sad Keanu' from Mashable here, but it's too long, so I've attached a few hilarious pictures for you.

Alexis Madrigal took Sad Keanu to the grocery store to see if he wanted some fruit.

He then took Sad Keanu on a trip to find something else to make him happy.

He suggested that Sad Keanu hang out in a garden.

He said that Sad Keanu should stop and smell the flowers.

But Sad Keanu was so, so sad. He couldn't even get out of bed.

How did the rest of Sad Keanu's day go? Did he ever find something to make him happy? Find out here!

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