Thursday, June 20, 2013

365 Days of Happy - Day 171

There was this fad going around on YouTube called Draw My Life. You'll understand when you watch this, but the writer or YouTuber describes their life in stick figure form while writing on a whiteboard. I've watched a few Draw My Life videos from Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart, but this one sticks out the most to me.

Also, when I was at work tonight, these two guys came into the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. One of the guys asked me if I did my own makeup, or if I'm going to cosmetology school, to which I almost replied, No, I have a stylist who lives in my closet and does my hair and makeup every morning. 
But I was nice and smiled and said yes, (obvi). He complimented me and then they left. It reminded me of this:

It's a talent, really.


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