Friday, September 20, 2013

365 Days of Happy - Day 264

Today was BID DAY!! EEEEE! Bid Day is one of the most exciting times during sorority recruitment. Potential new women get bids, which is an invite to join a sorority, and then they reveal which sorority they got accepted into. People like me, who were on PHC e-board or recruitment counselors, also reveal themselves. We were disaffiliated, which means we did not wear our letters or tell anyone which sorority we were members of during recruitment, so from mid-August to today!
We are the main women who help potential new women through the sorority recruitment process, and we try to be as unbiased as possible. While I loved being disafilliated, I also loved coming home to my love, Delta Zeta.

Here I am with my two littles, Johanna (who is my cross-campus little, which means she is in a different sorority than mine) and Leah!

The Gentlemen of Delta Chi gave the disafilliated women flowers before Bid Day :)

Here we are walking back to our house after Bid Day. Every year there are more than a hundred of us cheering, singing, laughing and dancing all the way down to our house.

I took this video of us! It's terrible quality, I know.

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