Monday, September 30, 2013

365 Days of Happy - Day 274

When I was a sophomore, I took creative writing. It was a night class that met every Wednesday. My friend Cameron was in my class, which made it a hundred times more enjoyable. Cameron was really the first - and only, now that I think of it - person who I ever read my journal writings to. For many of our class exercises, we had prompts, and for others, we had to write nonstop. Just keep the pen going, keep writing the same word over and over again until you knew what you wanted to write.
I was looking through my notebook I had for that creative writing class and came across this post. I wrote it on Sept 10, 2010, at my desk in my dorm room, at 9:38pm.
Strangely enough, the dreams and goals I had when I was 19 are very much the same now.

When I grow up, I want to
join the Peace Corps. I want to own an amazing fancy camera and take pictures of different countries, of villages full of families, of volunteers and inspirational people. I want to help. I wan to live in Africa and become a great leader, someone who children look up to. I want to follow in Mother Teresa, Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela's footsteps. I want to change lives. I want to save the world.
(Enough of this serious stuff)
You will see me in the sky with a tiara on my head, a pink cape, and moccasins, flying around like an angel, and people will exclaim, 'Look, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superwoman! Kelsey is here to save the world!' I want to write wonderful children's books and maybe even a novel or two if my writing is up to par. My photographs will change the world. I will teach in helpless countries, and I will earn many teaching awards, and any money I receive will go toward the schools and education and maybe a new cape for me if mine gets ratty.
I will give, give, give, because I truly want to. And one day all my good deeds will turn into great karma and in my next life I will actually be an angel and when I wear my tiara and cape no one will make fun of me.

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