Sunday, December 1, 2013

365 Days of Happy - Day 336

I went home a few weeks ago, to either drop off Simba or pick him up or something, and when I'm home I always clean my room a little. I have so much stuff in my room, you would not believe. Clothes I'll never wear, books, lots and lots of books, journals, jewelry, and other knickknacks. I'm a hoarder of sorts. It will probably take me until I'm 35 to have my entire room cleaned (kidding, Mom!).

I picked up a red binder that I hadn't seen in a long time and found a portfolio in it, written when I was in high school. This one stood out to me the most. I hope you enjoy it.

My Partner

We came together in this world packaged side by side,
Tied together with a plastic string.
She was beautiful;
New and white,
Soft and clean.
I always wanted to cuddle up next to her
In the sock and underwear drawer.
One day she got lost.
I think the dryer ate her.
I was stuck next to a tiny gray sock
Who smelled like stinky little kid feet.
It was a terrible day.
Days went by,
And I was lost without my mate.
I cried and cried,
And the underwear told me to shut up.
They don't understand, I thought.
A week passed by.
My drawer opened up to reveal a familiar hand.
My beautiful sock was placed next to me.
I cried out with joy!
I never wanted to be without my sock mate again.

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