Monday, December 23, 2013

365 Days of Happy - Day 357

I thought this was pretty interesting. I'm a fan of advice and quotes and Thought Catalog and stuff, so I dig this. I'm rounding my fifth year as a college student and man, I wish I could have given my freshman self some of this advice. And also Kels, don't ever drink Tequila.

I've picked out a few of my favorites, but if you like 'em too, check out the article.

22 College Seniors on Their Advice to College Freshmen
By Celia Aniskovich

'Get out there, join a club, and join the community. I know alcohol and the bar scene is new and exciting, but be safe and try not to to be too stupid. I made too many mistakes like that as an 18 year old. It's not fun to be remembered as the girl who made out with 12 people in two hours.'

'Everyone is probably telling you right now that these will be the happiest four years of your life. What they probably aren't telling you is that these will also be some of the worst years of your life. In college, you will feel on top of the world and utterly defeated (sometimes in the same day). So just try to remember that you're not doing anything wrong if you're having a hard time. And before you jump to any conclusions about how much happier everyone else is, and how much more fun they're having than you, go sit down and talk to a friend. You'd be surprised by how many people feel lost and directionless at least some point in their college careers.'

'Boys suck. Accept defeat and eat another donut.'

'Going to the cafeteria alone is not weird; it means you're okay with yourself.'

'I won't lie to you: College is going to turn your world upside down in both the best and worst ways possible. You will lose yourself, and you will find yourself again. You will most likely change your major, and your roommates will probably become your best friends. Never let the fear of failure inhibit you from doing what you know you actually want to do. As cliche as this is about to sound, be sure to revel in every bit of these next four years (or in my case, 5 ha ha...) because it will go faster than you could ever imagine.

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