Sunday, December 29, 2013

365 Days of Happy - Day 363

I was in a wedding this weekend! (I'm so good at starting my articles, don't you think? So creative. Wow. Such smart.) I told you I was going to be in a wedding way back in April. My sorority sister Jamie got married yesterday and I can say with complete honesty that it was one of the best nights I've had all year. 
We all got our hair done yesterday morning and relaxed until the ceremony started at 1.

I couldn't get over how simple and pretty our bridesmaid flowers were. I couldn't stop smelling them! I think they're called baby's breath. I loved them.

It was so fun finishing getting ready, putting our dresses on, helping Jamie get into her dress, and snacking on food and Diet Coke (Jamie's favorite).

I was so nervous to walk down as a bridesmaid. That's so silly to say, I know! For 30 seconds, all eyes would be on me and the guy I was walking with - and that was nerve wracking! I couldn't even imagine how Jamie was feeling.

After the ceremony, Jamie, David, and all the bridesmaids and groomsmen piled into a limo, which was pretty sweet because I've never been in a limo before! It was SO much fun. I only knew most of the bridal party by association, but partying in the limo definitely got us loosened up and by the end of the night we were all joking with each other and pouring each other more champagne like we'd been friends for a long time.

We got out at a few locations and took pictures. It was freezing, but I couldn't really tell after three glasses of champagne.

I couldn't really tell you what happened between pictures and dinner, except that it was a blast. It was so fun getting to know everyone in the bridal party. Dinner was amazing. I kept being offered wine, which was nice. I didn't pay for a drink the entire night, which was new to me (honest!). Then there were speeches and we did a 50/50 raffle and then the DJ turned on some music and the lights dimmed and before I knew it I was out on the dance floor.

My little and I! <3

This is my good friend Rachel. We haven't hung out in FOREVER, so it was great to see her at the wedding.

And here I am with Patrick. I look like I'm going to sucker punch him, but I would never. Apparently I was really amused by something he just said.

I don't think of myself as a good dancer. That is, unless I've been drinking. Haha come on, like I'm not the only one?!
I danced with this stud all night and it was SO fun. I was a lean, mean dancing machine.

Here he is taking me on a mission on the dancefloor. If you look closely you can see judgmental looks by sorority women in the background that they give all too well.

Really, Kelsey? Think about your life choices.

Dayummm look at those moves.

HAHAHA this picture makes me crack up. I want to catch the bouquet! I'm so close! Notice the fourth (?) glass of wine in my hand.

I also got a beautiful paddle from my darling little Leah! This was perfect because I gave my big a paddle when she was a bridesmaid to our sister Lauren's wedding. I LOVE my new paddle. It's so perfect. Leah is studying abroad in England soon and I'm going to miss her like mad crazy, but I'm so happy I got to see her at the wedding!

I couldn't be happier for Jamie and David (I stole this picture and all the other professional photographs from Jillian Powers Photography. Check her out - she does great work! Here is Jamie and David's album)

Like I said, I've know Jamie for five years now. We've been through so much together. We've consoled each other on our relationship problems, we've hosted parties at our house last year, we've talked about all the stupid drama with Delta Zeta together. Everything. She's one of my closest DZ sisters. I love you so much Jamie and I'm so happy I could be a part of your wedding! Now for some Throwback Thursday pictures!

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