Thursday, January 9, 2014

This is the End

Thinking back to this time last year, I was so excited to start this blog. I thought about it a lot when I spent New Year's with my family at Lake Tahoe. As much as I swore to myself I would refuse to go on another vacation with my family, I had so much fun and I loved the simple, silly moments, like when my family would binge-watch the Big Bang Theory after my dad and sister skied all day, and how my mom and I would drink wine and work on a puzzle, how I would lay in my comfy bed and read Brain on Fire, how we would make breakfast and dinner together as a family, and when my mom and I went shopping and drove to the other side of the lake to California. 

Those short, perfect moments stood out to me and I wanted a way to capture it all, to cherish those moments. I had no idea where the Hermit Diaries would evolve, and sometimes I wanted to quit everything, to give up, to stop looking for inspiration, to stop blogging. Writing one post every day is a lot harder than it seems. I was a naive young blogger who thought  my writings would change the world. Doesn't every writer think that?

I learned so much about myself, how I write, and what inspires me through this stupid blog and it's bittersweet having to end it. I find myself wanting to take pictures of something I'm doing or someone I'm with so I can blog about it later.

Like I wrote in this post, I don't care if you are not impressed or intrigued by this blog. It is not for you, it is for me.

If this is your first visit here, welcome. Take a look around, listen to some great music, check out my photography. You can click on specific tags, which are on the right hand side of the blog, such as introversion, travel, or my personal favorite, cats. Get inspired. Get to know me through this. Also, if anyone can find the glitch where I have 366 tags of Day of Happy (I'm only supposed to have 365 tags), I'll give you virtual brownie points.

Thank you to all my great supporters and readers. It's been a wonderful ride.

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