Sunday, May 26, 2013

365 Days of Happy - Day 146

I moved into my new apartment today! Eek! I was so excited to move. As much as I loved my old house, I needed a change. Check out some pictures from my new casa!

This is the living room. Well, the whole place is basically a big living room. I live in a one-bedroom apartment. Ryan and I went dumpster smuggling one day this weekend and found a bunch of free things, such as the red couch! Don't worry, we vacuumed and Febreezed it before we sat down on it.

Here is my tiny, tiny kitchen! I love it so much though. It's just so small and cute. And yes, I do have Christmas lights in my kitchen.

My mom found this perfect kitchen table at Love, Inc in Burlington last year, and Ryan found four really great kitchen chairs in a dumpster by his apartment! What a steal...literally.

Here is the view from the bedroom door. This chair looks like it belongs in an old folk's home, but it's from my neighbor who was giving it away. It's incredibly comfortable. I'm keeping it forever, until I live in an old folk's home. The door behind it leads into a tiny bathroom.

This is my bedroom! The space is twice as big as the picture, but there isn't anything too special about it except for two closets.

That black headboard above? Yeah, Ryan also found that in a dumpster.

This is my first time living in an apartment, alone! I lived in an apartment in Dublin, but I also had three roommates who had their own rooms, so that doesn't count. I love having my own space where I don't hear noisy roommates or dogs barking constantly. 

Simba and I love it here so much, and we'd love to have guests over! I currently have 13 chairs in my house, which means I could basically have a party, but I don't have that many friends. So, if you're one of my close friends, come visit me! I'll make you tea and let you play with Simba.

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  1. Take her up on her offer people, she loves to entertain! And I can guarantee you won't get too tired standing, we have an abundance of places to sit! :)