Sunday, March 24, 2013

365 Days of Happy - Day 83

After spending the night in Belleville, MI, we backtracked to Romulus, where I just HAD to get a picture by the city sign.

I mean, it's inspiration for one of Sufjan Stevens' best songs.

We drove to Eastern Michigan University, where we stopped at the Delta Zeta house!

We then went to Dearborn, MI, where Arab Americans take up 40% of the population. It's known as the Islamic capital of the U.S. (Dearborn is also the hometown of Henry Ford!) Ryan studied abroad in Jordan this past summer and studies religion, so we just HAD to stop at Dearborn. We found the Islamic Center of America and wandered inside!

Keeping with our Arab exploration, we went down the main strip in Dearborn where Arab culture is very abundant. Ryan convinced me to try shawarma, which is kind of like a gyro and a taco. But way better. It was DELICIOUS.

After our delicious dinner, we drove to Toronto! Ryan and I have never been there and we thought it would be a great place to visit for spring break (we were wrong. It wasn't that great. You'll see why in a bit).

At the border crossing, we stopped at the Duty Free store and bought giant tubs of Nutella!

We exchanged some money and got on our way to Canada!

Crossing the Ambassador Bridge was the exact moment when my smartphone decided not to get 4G Internet service.

It took around 5 hours to drive from Ann Arbor/Detroit area to Toronto. We took the 401 past London and when we got to Hamilton, we saw signs for Dundurn Castle (not to be confused with Durndurn Castleand decided to stop and check it out (ah, the joys of roadtripping! Not having to be anywhere at a certain time!).

It was a pretty cool castle...if you could even call it that. It looks more like the White House of Hamilton to me.

Ryan and I drove around downtown Toronto for a bit and found this cool landmark thing. 

We also stood places we shouldn't have stood.

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