Saturday, March 16, 2013

365 Days of Happy - Day 75

This St. Patrick's Day, instead of spending it in Dublin where I did last year, I went to downtown Milwaukee and visited my good friend and Delta Zeta sister Kristin. She lives in the cutest one bedroom apartment ever. Every picture on her wall, trinket on her shelves and piece of furniture had a story to it, which I loved. Her apartment was so bohemian. Very much like this thrift shop!

After going into a few thrift shops on Brady Street, we went to Rochambo Coffee & Tea House, which may be my new favorite coffee shop. The music was indie and amazing, the atmosphere was chill and super hipster-ish, and the Irish coffee Kristin and I got was perfect.

Kristin mentioned this mulled wine at this swanky wine bar down the road, and well, I can never resist trying a new wine, so we walked down to Balzac. I knew that it was going to be an amazing wine bar because of this sign in front of the building.

Kristin and I ended up getting a few drinks (she got one called Aaron's Red Sweater), duck nachos, and a shot (of Jameson? who knows) from some happy men celebrating St. Patrick's Day a day early.

We then trekked back to her apartment, where she made me Irish stew AND an Irish coffee! She's such a doll.

We went out to Thurman's for one last drink, where we met some very colorful characters...and by colorful I mean super sketchy. Let's just say that it wasn't my scene. But we did meet a guy who goes to school at UW-Whitewater and got to pet an adorable dog for part of the night.

I saw this in the bathroom.

The next morning, we woke up, drank some coffee out of cute mugs, watched Lassie and the Brady Bunch, and then headed to Trocadero, my new favorite restaurant.

When we got seated at a table, I looked around and felt like I'd been there before. Something about it seemed so familiar. The exposed brick, the red-orange paint on the walls, the high ceilings, the large windows - and then it clicked. It looked exactly like Seabiscuit Cafe on Mackinac Island where I waitressed this summer. I was so nostalgic for Mackinac Island then.

Things I learned from my weekend in Milwaukee:

1. Unique drinks called Aaron's Red Sweater will grab your attention - as well as the money in your wallet. It could be nothing more than an Old Fashioned with a cherry in the spear of a fancy umbrella, but when you've been drinking, you will want to try funny named drinks. I wonder if that's why Fuzzy Navels are so popular?

2. I really really really want to live on Brady Street. Or anywhere near it. I thought the Third Ward was my favorite place in Milwaukee, but after Saturday, Brady Street has my heart. There are so many cute antique stores, coffee shops and boutiques and I love it.

3. I would love to own my own coffee shop/thrift store. It would have the best music around, the coolest baristas and the most unique thrift goods.

4. I can't wait to graduate, get a real job, and start living on my own. With a cat, of course.

5. I'm in love with the graffiti artist Banksy.

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