Wednesday, March 6, 2013

365 Days of Happy - Day 65

Last night, I had an interview! A group interview, at that. We did a group activity to begin with and then a personal assessment. I love personal assessments. I would take stupid personality quizzes online all the time when I was younger. Like, what color are you? Which Britney Spears song were you? What is your secret phobia? (Mine is aichmophobia! The fear of needles or pointy objects. I can't disagree. I don't mind getting blood drawn at all, but I have an intense fear of knives.)

The personality quiz we took last night determined which animal we were. And I was.... a hermit crab! Just kidding, I was a golden retriever.

The characteristics fit me to a T, I think.

Golden retrievers are known for loyalty. These people will maintain the same jobs for long periods of time, preferring to remain in fairly predictable circumstances. Golden retrievers will also tend to stay in relationships for long periods of time, be it business or personal, for reasons of security or harmony. Their main fear is conflict with others. They hold stubbornly to what they feel is right.

Golden retrievers have a strong need to serve others. Always the ones to help out, golden retrievers will lend a hand to get things finished. Opportunities to help others are energizing motivators for golden retrievers. They are great team players because they can help build and support the team regardless of what they are experiencing in their personal lives. This trait of 'non-emotion- can also be harmful to the golden retriever because this internalized emotion can prove to be physically and mentally unhealthy over time. Golden retrievers will usually open up and share their feelings with only those they trust.

Although golden retrievers are very emotionally active on the inside, they do not often show their emotions to others. They are very good at 'masking' their emotions. With an introverted style, it takes a lot of pushing before a golden retriever will bite!

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