Monday, March 4, 2013

365 Days of Happy - Day 63

Sometimes it's really hard to find things to be happy about. Sometimes my happy pills don't work as well as I'd like them to. Sometimes I falter. Sometimes just thinking about social interaction makes my head spin. Sometimes all I want to do is hide under my covers all day and not talk to anyone. Sometimes it takes a great effort to smile. I want to get better so badly. I hate feeling sad and sick like this.

Okay. Sometimes when I'm down, I reread old journal entries and it brings back so many good memories and brings me out of that dark, depressing void. This is one from December 1, 2010 and it is still true.

Today when I was volunteering at Lincoln Elementary School, the guidance counselor came in and talked to the kids about bullying. We all sat in a circle on the Alphabet rug and told the neighbor to our right one thing we liked about them, and I though, wha-hah! Great topic for a journal entry!
I like that my mom doesn't take life too seriously.
I like that my dad does.
I like how my sister Beth shares my sense of humor and I always feel like I'm funny when I'm around her because I can always make her laugh.
I like that my sister Cary always winks at me and smiles to let me know everything is okay.
I like how my sorority sister Jamie grabbed and held onto my hand during one of our Delta Zeta ceremonies.
I like how smart and headstrong my big sister Sarah is. Everything about her, I want to be.
I like how Cameron knows how to cheer me up - by talking in his Arnold Schwarzenegger voice.
I like that Matt jump started my 'career' with the Royal Purple and acts like a big brother toward me.
I like how Sara wants me to edit her papers and asks me for fashion advice.
I like that Nelson is introducing me to his religion in the best way possible, that he gave me his Bible, and that he thinks my laugh reminds him of a swan.

And here's a picture of me from 2010! About a month after I wrote this entry, my mom, our friend Erin, and I took a vacation to Ireland and Paris for almost two weeks. When we were in Paris, we met up with my friend Nick who was studying abroad in Spain, and here we are eating french fries and burgers at a super swanky French restaurant. 'MERICA

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