Tuesday, March 12, 2013

365 Days of Happy - Day 71

When I was waiting for my boyfriend Ryan in the newly renovated Laurentide Hall, I was on Mashable and stumbled upon this. The words Joseph Gordon-Levitt caught my eye (because he is, well, the perfect man alive) and right then, Ryan was done with his meeting and sat next to me. We watched this together, one headphone each. 

This may be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Give me all the flickering lights
Tiny specks of fluttering rays
And city glitters shimmering
But only from far away

I want them all it's an addiction
I want the Christmas lights buried in snow
And the blips in science fiction
Films from years ago

Give me all the night sky's twinkling sprinkles
And the red pulsing eyes on tvs that standby
Fading, flirting, in and out
Like a game of cat and mouse

Bits of foil in the distance
Blowing kisses from the sun to me
And showing no distance to the photons 
That consistently pass notes on from one lover to the other
Like Cupid's tiny brothers

Give me all the flickering lights
Light every candle and wave every phone
Glinting and bleeping and
Imprinting glowing circuses 
That linger while I'm sleeping

And orchestra of weeping light
Swan singing,
Like star-crossed choirs
Who play themselves to me all night

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