Sunday, March 3, 2013

365 Days of Happy - Day 62

Here is another favorite poem of mine, from my main main Anis Mojgani. Milos is a Greek island which is home to Venus de Milo, an ancient Greek sculpture believed to depict Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty.

There are so many beautiful lines in this poem. My favorites are in purple below the video.


Let us take a sack of spray paint and spray paint over the paintings
Let us dance through Paris
Kiss in the shadow of the Louvre
Crawl inside its windows
Scroll manifestos over the canvases
Write Morse Code on the sculptures
Roll a sleeping bag on a floor to sleep inside of
Tell one another a story by flashlight
Unearth everything from before
Bury each other inside the other
Feed grapes to the ants
Light fireworks in the fists of sleeping kings
Kill the monarch
Break back outside and find a wall to do all these same things to
Up and upon against
Break the bricks
Climb over them
And when the sirens scream,
Laugh aloud, hold my hand, and run fast

Run through these streets with me with a bunch of bottles
A bucket of gasoline
A mouth full of matches
A pocket full of paintings
And a fresh-faced batch of policemen to chase the fires we are lighting
Laugh on a shoulder of gold

I thought that the museums were cemeteries where the dead pay the walls to hold what we have
So that we can walk through what we once were
Our children take their skulls to turn into gardens
To pluck for forefathers
Farther stars that on some nights resemble an armless mother
Praying for her arms to return
Every tooth we tear from our jaw
To fling in the black gloved riot soldiers
As another shadow we are trying to lose
Where every giggle is filled with lust
Let us laugh this night away and I will fuck you like you were a prayer
I could save me by having my mouth around you
And I will hold you afterwards like you were the pulpit and I was the sky
And this love that danced between that hardness
Was that telephone line of holiness that those two things spoke through

Take me into your heart like I was a saint
And you were a face of forgiveness
Blooming in a valley
Destined to sink further
Be a river with me
Be the storm
The bend in the path
The front porch
The heat in the south
Be a boot full of banjo strings
A fist full of written songs
A mouth full of chocolate dust

When they come to take us
Stab them between the eyes
Do not take your hand from around mine
Make a fist with the other and punch spines like guilds
Spit, sweat, kiss them like a grandmother
How will open mouth terror love filled?
And when they come to cut our hair and ask to hear pennince come from inside of us
Say with me loud and trembling but loud and clear,
I've already emptied myself
I kissed regret goodbye
Took the hands of another backward angel
And rode backwards into the rain
When the hangman of morrow comes to hang the sun in its daily execution,
Say this with me,
'Sarah, we are apples
Our love is an apple
I'm unbuttoning my shirt
Painting a circle over my heart
Please, just shoot straight.'

Venus de Milo

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