Friday, November 29, 2013

365 Days of Happy - Day 334

I started watching Mad Men last night, because if there's one thing college students do when they go home for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter break, it's that they lounge around in their old room, eat all the food in the house, and waste time on the Internet. And that's precisely what I did when I went home for Thanksgiving break.

I've always wanted to watch it, after I played Betty Draper in my friend Cameron's ad movie, but was in the middle of Dexter or Breaking Bad. And now that I'm all alone and done with Breaking Bad and bumming around at my parent's house for Thanksgiving break, I thought it was a good a time as any to start watching it. And boy oh boy do I love it already.

Here are some reasons why:

- I love the way everyone dresses and does their makeup. It's so classy. I'm so sick of seeing UGG boots, leggings, short shorts, flip flops, and spaghetti straps on campus, as well as teenagers that look like raccoons with how heavy and dark their eye makeup is. I'm so in love with Betty's simple look. Pretty pink lipstick, delicate lace dress, full skirts, and classy hair. And I love how the men dress too, with French cuffs, slicked-back hair and pocket squares.

- I love the fact that Don always drinks in his office. That's so classy, I think - having bottles of expensive liquor sitting in your office waiting for you to drink them after a presentation goes terrible or amazing. When I worked for Career & Leadership Development, I would have small victories or fiascos a day (they were mostly fiascos... the second year, at least), and all I wanted to do was go home and have a glass or four of wine. It would be so nice to just have a glass of scotch (actually, a brandy old fashioned sweet) in my office. Drinking wine sometimes helps me become more creative. I'm so happy I can work from home and drink while I work as I please.

- I love the office culture at Sterling Cooper. Well, I do and I don't. It's interesting to me how the women are secretaries and have gone to secretarial school and just type type type on their typewriters all day, and how the men just drink and smoke and sometimes have pitches. It's interesting to me how the women all put the covers over their typewriters right at 5pm.

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