Saturday, October 12, 2013

365 Days of Happy - Day 286

Today is a Day of Happy because I went to a wedding with Ryan tonight! His cousin Oliver was getting married up in Wausau, so his parents and I drove up here this morning. I met Oliver once, a few years ago, and I know his brother and parents fairly well, but those were the only people I knew at the wedding.

A couple of things happened.

I had my first brandy old fashioned sweet (well, I had about three of them actually). New favorite drink!

I got exactly one picture of Ryan and I.

And I learned a few things.

- If I had a dollar for ever time a drunk bridesmaid or guest said, 'We're gonna have a good time tonight!!' I'd probably be able to pay for the wedding.

- When in doubt of what to say, just tell whoever you're talking to that they look great.

- Weddings are kind of like a big networking event. You get drinks, some food, everyone is dressed up really nice and you get to meet different people all night.

- If the bride and groom offer an open bar, they must really love you.

And I realized a few things that I will make sure of at my wedding.

- I do not want anyone to be a drunken mess at my wedding. I don't want anyone to abuse alcohol. Use it to celebrate, not to waste.

- There will definitely be a photobooth at my wedding. Fact: Everyone loves photobooths. Fact: I'd probably be in there the whole night.

- I will make sure the photographers get fed. It's hard being a wedding photographer! I was a wedding photographer's assistant for a summer and it was TOUGH. We had long, 8-hour days, taking pictures from beginning to end. From doing the bride's makeup and hair to the first look to the ceremony to the first dance, and everything in between. Photographers get as hungry - if not hungrier - than the guests.

- One thing I liked at this wedding was that there were appetizers. There was a two hour window between the ceremony and the reception for the bridal and groom party to take pictures, which meant all the guests were waiting for the reception to start, and took advantage of the open bar. Appetizers were a great idea.

- I think my wedding will be a mid-day wedding. Only because I'm toast after 10pm. After a glass of champagne, I'd fall asleep in my plate if it got too late.

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