Thursday, October 31, 2013

365 Days of Happy - Day 305

I've never been big on Halloween. I mean, my sister and neighbor kids and I would dress up and go trick or treating together around our neighborhood when we were little. Once middle school hit - heck, even before that - I wanted nothing to do with Halloween. I remember a few times where I stayed in my room on Halloween night, either writing or browsing the Internet. I was a boring child.

It was interesting because Halloween fell on a Thursday night this year, a popular drinking night at Whitewater (thirsty Thursdays, anyone?). So of course people dressed up for that night. But people would also dress up on that Wednesday, and then on Friday night, and some even dressed up on Saturday night! Like, WHAT? What is going on where these holidays are spilling out into two or three day events? Ain't nobody got time for that.

But, I did go out on Halloween. And even on Friday night too! Although I was so tempted to stay inside with my cat and look up cat videos on the Internet. I guess it's only fitting that I went as a cat on Halloween. I even made my own cat ears with pipe cleaners and felt!

Here I am with my new friend Amanda! We met at communication advising about a month ago, can you believe it? We were both waiting for the final check and sign-off, and she sat next to me and started talking to me about how I was Intern of the Month and had a photography internship on Mackinac Island! (I was chosen for Intern of the Month in February, and I STILL get recognized because of it. That's pretty sweet.

We talked about how we're both journalism majors, how we love traveling, how she was born in Malaysia and raised in Thailand and how I studied abroad in Ireland, and well, the rest is history! We're like best friends now and even thinking of traveling up to Mackinac Island over New Years Eve, spring break, or after we graduate. She invited me to go out with her friends on Halloween (which was SO sweet of her and I was actually excited to socialize for once), and here we are with her friend Carrie. Amanda (in the middle) is having fun, I swear.

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