Friday, June 21, 2013

365 Days of Happy - Day 172

I love these prints by Eduardo Salles!

A side story:

At work tonight, Urime, my boss, helped me make a chocolate malt for an old man wearing Converse shoes . There is always a small amount of malt leftover and Urime knows I like it so she poured me the rest of the chocolate malt. Then she casually asked me if I ever drank.

Now, I get this question a lot. I'm sure most young, college-aged kids do. And the thing is, I never know how to respond! What do you mean, do I drink? Do you mean, have I ever drank? Have I had a drink the past week? I get anxiety thinking about my response. 

What's my honest response? Yes, I drink. Maybe once or twice a week. It's always at night after work, and usually after I've had a really long, terrible day and just need something to unwind and relax with. It's also always with Simba. We have a good time.

But I didn't tell Urime that. I'm pretty positive she would look at me like this if I said that I drink alone in my apartment with my cat.

So I told her that I drink sometimes, which I'm sure surprised her because I think she sees me as a timid gazelle of a waitress who gets easily creeped out by all the townies who come in. Then she said something like, Yeah the bars in Whitewater just get old after a while. But margaritas at Cozumel, huh? They have great margaritas, we should go sometime!

UM WHAT! Did she just casually invite me out for drinks? Confession: I've actually never had one of the famous Coz margaritas. I honestly don't think I've ever had a margarita at all! I would love to go out for drinks with Urime. Like I said, she reminds me so much of my older sister so I know we would have a blast.


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