Monday, June 17, 2013

Waitressing Problems

I'm pretty sure the whole village of Palmyra was out to get me tonight. 

I started work at 4, started folding silverware, and thought that a random Monday night in June would be slow. It makes sense, right? Who goes out to dinner on a Monday night? 


I was doing just fine with my four tables. Then a family came in. Then an old lady. Then a couple. Then a big group of 8. 
Then I lost it.

There goes my writing pad! Whoopsies!

Just kidding, I didn't lose it. Not that you could see, anyway.

I don't know WHY I thought I could be a waitress. I hate small talk, I hate fake smiling, I hate socializing in general! Well, most of the time. Although, since I was little I've always wanted to be a waitress.

I do like it though, don't get me wrong. Just not when it gets super busy like it was tonight. I was handling almost a dozen tables at once! Because everyone and their mother decided to come into our little restaurant at exactly 5:45 pm and I didn't even have a free second to breathe normally!

By 8pm, this was how I felt.

That is all. I just needed to vent (Plus I wanted a chance to use gifs).

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