Sunday, December 22, 2013

365 Days of Happy - Day 356

Have I mentioned how much I love working at the Edge of Town? I really love it. 

I've been getting so much more comfortable with my coworkers and customers. Well, I'm already good friends with my boss, Urime. She's 28 and has a husband and two little boys, so we're miles apart in that aspect, but we share the same sense of humor and have similar personalities. She is so sweet to her employees. She got all of her four waitresses presents! I got a bag of some chocolates she made. I would show you the bag but um... I ate them all.

She also got me some eyeshadow from E.L.F., one of my favorite cosmetics! I usually don't wear eyeshadow but I'm in love with this compact.

AND Urime bought me these adorable mugs and tea set. Urime and I have an inside joke about me calling my mom. My parents and sometimes grandparents eat at the Edge on Sunday mornings (which is a big deal. It's like 45 minutes away from where they live in Burlington!), and my mom never fails to embarrass me when I see her on Sundays. One time, she was joking around with Urime and told her to tell me to call her more. From then on, Urime will always remind me to call my mother. So these mugs are pretty perfect.

Can you say best boss ever? I've been pretty lucky with the bosses I've had this year :)

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