Wednesday, December 25, 2013

365 Days of Happy - Day 359

Merry Christmas! In light of the holiday season, I thought I'd share pictures of my family's Christmas from 1994 to today.

1994 - My older sister and I were not twins but my mom always dressed us like we were.

1995 - White stockings and saddle shoes. We stylin'. Note Beth's facial expression.

1995 - Look at how my grandma is admiring me. I'm the favorite, clearly.

1995 - I still don't know how doll houses work.

1996 - Check out those jammies! Pocahontas for me, sunflowers for Beth.

1997 - I just can't get over how our mom dressed us. Like COME ON, mom. We look like we have monster feet.

1998 - This was taken at my grandparent's house. We always go there on Christmas morning.
I love this picture for so many reasons. I remember those velvet dresses my sister and I both wore, how silly my two front teeth look, and how young my dad looks, but I love it mostly because of the way Beth is smiling.

2004 - I couldn't find pictures between 1999 and 2004 (thanks, Obama) so let's jump right into my awkward years. Apparently Beth turned into a thug.

2004 - Slightly better. Here we are with our sister Cary.

2005 - My mom always gets us calendars every Christmas (except this year, now that I think about it...thanks, Obama). I got 'The Love of Cats' calendar. Surprised?

2006 - Notice how close my grandma is to me and not my sister. Still the favorite.


2008 - My nephew Nathan was born this year, so he's about six months old in this picture.

2009 - I only included this picture because I think my hair looks fantastic.

2010- If I had one picture to sum up my sister, this would be it. Back to the Future shirt, strained smile, awkward posture.

2011 - The twins were born a few years later. I think they're 3 years old in this picture.

2012 - Here we are in our backyard. I'm the center of attention, because duh.

2013 - And this year. Notice how my sister and I are about to bust out laughing.

And, my favorite. Completely sums up my sister and my relationship.


The best part about Christmas was the fact that my sister and I got each other the same thing. This book, which is based on Hyperbole and a Half, a blog that my sister and I both love. We must know each other pretty well, enough so that we got each other the same gift :)

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