Friday, April 19, 2013

365 Days of Happy - Day 109

Tonight Delta Zeta had initiation! We initiated our 18 new members into our sorority :) It was a really great event and it reminded me of why I love Delta Zeta so much. I can't tell you about the ceremony because it's super secret, so I'll tell you something else that happened to me tonight.

When I got home, I was surprised to find Ryan in my room! He surprised me with a gift - a Rubik's Cube on my bed. That's right. I've never successfully figured out a Rubik's Cube, unless you count my younger years when I would take the stickers off and place all the colored ones on one side and so on. Thankfully, Ryan helped me figure it out, and what was written on each side was a riddle!

I had to find something in my room where Simba likes to lay. I knew right where it was, because I know Simba like the back of my hand. In the box was a puzzle! I love doing puzzles. I know, it sounds super dorky, but managing four blogs like I'm doing now is also dorky and I do not care what you think.
Once I figured out the puzzle, there was a statement, 'I promise I'm a better dancer than painter' and a question - Alpha Sigma Phi formal?

AWWW. Of course I said yes :)

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