Saturday, April 27, 2013

365 Days of Happy - Day 117

Well would'ya look at these beautiful people! Ryan and I fancied ourselves up and went to a wedding today. My sorority sister Lauren's wedding! Check out our dinner. Yes, that was a serving for one person, and yes, I did eat it all.

Here you can see us doing the Delta Zeta shuffle to Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

There was also a photobooth! I definitely took part in that.

I also gave my big sister her paddle! It was patterned with pictures of New York City, because that's where Sarah lives now.

At one point I had three paddles in my room. The one I made for Sarah, the one Sarah gave me, and the one I made for my little Leah. I had so much fun making the two paddles on the ends!

I had SO much fun at the wedding. I haven't been a guest at a wedding since I was a bridesmaid in my older sister Cary's wedding about 7 years ago, and this past summer I took photos during weddings, always trying to get the perfect shot. Two of my best friends just got engaged so hopefully I'll be able to attend more weddings :)

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