Friday, February 1, 2013

365 Days of Happy - Day 32

A year ago today, I set foot on Irish ground, soon to be my home for four months. The flight was 8 hours long, and when Rose and I arrived in Dublin at 8 in the morning this day last year, we waited for two hours in the airport, waiting for the Dublin City University shuttle to pick us up. Rose and I were cranky and tired and sore from carrying our luggage. 

When we arrived at Shanowen Hall, it was raining lightly, which I shouldn't have been surprised by. It rained practically every day while we were there. Rose and I lugged our heavy suitcases up to the second floor to our apartment. Our roommates weren't there, but the kitchen was disgusting - there was sticky stuff on the countertops, clothes in the living room, a full garbage and sauce drops on the drawers. Rose cleaned furiously for hours while I set up my room. 

There were four girls living in our apartment and we each had our own room and bathroom. The room size wasn't terribly small. It was cozy, I thought. The first picture I took is the one below.

After I was done making my bed (which consisted of snowflake sheets and a burgundy checkered blanket... I had yet to buy a pillow) and taping up the few pictures that I brought, I laid down and took a nap, and when I woke up, I worked on my Book of Kels blog.

Looking back, Rose and I didn't get a good first impression of Ireland that first day! We knew that it was rainy, that the land was really green and moist, and that we had messy roommates. However, we did not know how to figure out the heating system in our rooms. Each of our rooms had a plastic dial with teeth, where you would move to set the heat at a certain time. Rose and I didn't know this so we almost froze to death for the first few nights.

I highly recommend that you read my blog I wrote while studying abroad. You'll get to see more pretty pictures of my face! 

The last picture I took is the one below. I was very sad to be leaving Ireland, as you can tell in my facial expression. I also look very mischievous, which I was as feeling as well.

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