Monday, February 11, 2013

365 Days of Happy - Day 42

I recently wrote a post and I mentioned Mackinac Island at the end of it. My family has vacationed there practically every summer for as long as I can remember. We stay at a different resort on the island every time, and we always bring our bicycles to ride around the island.

My family, including my older sister Cary and her family, took a long weekend there two summers ago, and the pictures are absolutely priceless.

 This is my older sister Beth. She's a little weird.

Look! The Grand Hotel!

This is my sister's Cary's family. Her husband Dave and their kids - Nathan, Linzy and Katie.

I took photos for my internship with Andrejka Photography on this exact bridge with the lighthouse in the back.


Nathan had a phase where he was obsessed with Woody from Toy Story. So much so that he had Woody pajamas.

This is Linzy and my pops.

My sister Beth taught them how to chug beers.

Here are my parents at the Pink Pony, one of my favorite bars on the island! Just beyond where the bartender in the pink shirt is is the harbor. Oftentimes the bartenders have to spray seagulls with squirt guns to keep them away from the bar.

There is so much happiness in this trip that I'm going to have to make it into two posts! Check out the rest of the pictures here!

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