Thursday, February 7, 2013

365 Days of Happy - Day 38

Delta Zeta held their spring recruitment preferential dinner tonight! Spring recruitment for the sororities at UW-W is usually more informal and relaxed. Delta Zeta hasn't had a spring recruitment since Spring 2010, so this night was really special for us. Enjoy some pictures from the night!

Here is a group of Delta Zetas in the pink and green room in the basement of the Delta Zeta house!

This is my little and I! She's literally my little. Especially when I wear heels.

The men of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia serenaded us after our event. They're the 'singing fraternity' on campus.

We have formal recruitment in the fall semesters, or 'rush week' as some Greeks call it. It's a lot more organized, serious, and there are really specific rules set in place by PHC (panhellenic council). 

This fall semester, I was a recruitment counselor, or Gamma Chi. This meant that I was to be disaffiliated, or sort of 'removed' from my chapter for the entirety of the recruitment process, which was about a month long. I couldn't wear my letters, attend Delta Zeta meetings or tell anyone I was a Delta Zeta. It wasn't a punishment. It was more of an honor to be a recruitment counselor. The other recruitment counselors and I helped potential new women during the recruitment process without a bias. We were completely neutral and handled every situation with a 'Go Greek' mindset instead of a 'Go Delta Zeta' mindset.

Because I didn't participate in any recruitment events last semester, this spring pref dinner was the first event I had been to in a long time! I forgot how important Delta Zeta is to me. I forgot how much I love for and care about my sisters. I forgot why I joined. But Thursday night, that all came back to me. I am so proud to be a Delta Zeta!

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